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This page contains selected travel reports with experiences, photos, travel routes and contacts from Europe, USA and Africa.
Some series with more recent raw-photos can be found on the public part of my OneDrive.

Some of the photo-series could take a moment to open, if you have a slow internet connection. You will get the best view using an updated Microsoft Internet Explorer with a newer version of Adobe Acrobat/Reader integrated. You may get a better look, if you open the links in a new window/tab instead of in the parent frame and then choose your browser's full screen view. Most of the photos are integrated in pp-presentations and then saved in pdf-format. Some series are made in Adobe PhotoShop Album and will run automatically as slideshows.

i Photo collection from South Africa (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

i Photos from seminar at Universidade de Évora on Southern Africa (pdf-format)

i Photo series from seminar at Yale University, The Teaching of Africa (pdf-format)

i Book Launch events at DIIS and NAI (pdf-format)

i Photos from England (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

i Moscow conference photos (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

i American travel pictures (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

i Photos from conference on Third World Education, Norway (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

i Moscow conference report

i Travel report-example from South Africa

i Tavel report-example from England

i NAI Africa Days group programme


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