Program of the working group

“Identity and the Uses of History”




Session 1: Friday 5 October at 15.30–18:00



Hans Erik Stolten


“History, Mentality and Nationbuilding in South Africa.”

Discussant: Giulia Ray.


Birthe Rytter Hansen

”Inclusion of Difference in the Making of History: Celebrating Difference and Promoting Unity on Heritage Day 2000, South Africa.”

Discussant: Björn Lindgren.

Steffen Jensen

“The Eternal Gangster? Young Coloured Men’s Coping With Negative Stereotyping and Marginalization on the Cape Flats.”

Discussant: Susanne Branner Jespersen.

Karolijna Saajos

“The Personal and the Political: Motherhood in African Nationalism and Feminism in Twentieth Century South Africa.”

Discussant: Steffen Jensen.


Session 2: Saturday 6 October at 09.30–10.30



Susanne Branner Jespersen 

”Heroes should not push wheelbarrows. War veterans and the call for unity in Guinea-Bissau’s civil war.”

Discussant: Muddle Suzanne Lilius.

Risto Marjomaa

“The Marital Spirit of the Yao: The Yaos of Nyasaland (Malawi) in British Military Service During Peace, 1895-1939.”

Discussant: Märta Salokoski.


Session 3: Saturday 7 October at 14.30–16.30



Giulia Ray

“Wherever Something Stands, Something Else will Stand Beside It: Identity Formation and Cultural Clash in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and No longer at Ease.”

Discussant: Karolijna Saajos.

Märta Salokoski

“Myth and History in the Representation of Owambo Origins and Kingship.”

Discussant: Risto Marjomaa.


Björn Lindgren

“History and Identity: Representing the Ndebele Past in the Present.”

Discussant: Christine Smith-Simonsen.


Session 4: Sunday 31 October at 10.00–12.00



Christine Smith-Simonsen

“Norwegian Relations to Eritrea.”

Discussant: Hans Erik Stolten.

Holger Weiss

“The Northern Factor in Ghanaian and Nigerian historiography.”

Discussant: Birthe Rytter Hansen.


Muddle Suzanne Lilius

”‘African History’ vs ‘Historiography of Africa’. A Critical Examination of Naming.”

Discussant: Holger Weiss.



Concluding discussion on History and Identity. 


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