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Works and Books

A selection of texts and chapters, contents and cover pages from published books and articles.
You will need Adobe Acrobat/Reader to read certain documents. Some of the larger files could take some time to open. For close-reading of PDF documents, open the link in a new window
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List of publications

i Article in South African Historical Journal, Nordic Solidarity with SA – a Danish Perspective

i Contribution in Book of Abstracts, University of Évora seminar publication (pdf-scan)

i Article in Danish journal Rćson on Nelson Mandela's relation to communism (pdf-format)

i Newspaper feature article (kronik) in Information in Danish on Mandela (pdf-format)

i Newspaper feature article (kronik) in Kristeligt Dagblad on the World Cup in Danish (pdf-format)

i Article in Danish on intellectuals in South Africa’s revolution in Kontur, University of Aarhus journal

i Educational material on Zimbabwe's colonial history in Danish, Operation Day's Work (pdf-format)

History Making and Present Day Politics, edited book, Nordic Africa Institute

At the end of the Rainbow, co-edited book in Danish, SAK, Southern Africa Committee

Operation Day's Work, educational material in Danish (pdf-format, large file)

Article in Danish on South Africa in Africa in magazine WOZA (pdf-format)

NETREED research report, Oslo University, Chapter 2 (pdf-format)

Review in African Affairs (pdf-format)

Review in Canadian Journal of African Studies (pdf-format)

Review article, Danish Anti-Apartheid History, on H-Net

Aktivister mod apartheid, book chapter (pdf-format)

Article in NEWS, Journal of the Nordic Africa Institute (pdf-format)

Journal article in POET, English Institute, Copenhagen, on South African academic resistance

Journal article in POET, University of Copenhagen on South African university apartheid (pdf)

Journal article in 1066, History Institute, University Copenhagen on South African historiography

PhD, cover and contents

Arbejdernes skjold, book cover and chapters (pdf-format, large file)

Sydafrikas vej, book cover and chapters (pdf-format)

Review in Arbejderhistorie (Workers History)

Article on Cape Town, Danish National Encyclopedia (pdf-format)

Article in University of South Africa magazine Union Beat (pdf-format)

AIF report (editing and Introduction (pdf-format)

Swedish book on SA (proofreading / facts control only) (pdf-format)

Article in magazine Skub

MA, cover and contents

Book on the Danish peace movement's history, cover and contents

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