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List of publications
Most important and peer reviewed publications are marked with an asterisk.
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1) * Article in South African Historical Journal, Volume 71, 2019, Issue 1, pages 94-119: Nordic Solidarity with South Africa – a Danish Perspective (peer reviewed).
2) Contribution in Book of Abstracts, University of Évora seminar publication.
3) Article in Danish journal Ræson on Mandela's relation to communism.
4) Newspaper feature article (kronik) in Information in Danish on Nelson Mandela.
5) Newspaper feature article (kronik) in Kristeligt Dagblad on World Cup 2010 in Danish.


* Article, ”Universitetsmarxister, græsrodspopulister og intellektuelle realister i Sydafrikas nationaldemokratiske revolution” (University Marxists, grassroots populists, and intellectual realists in South Africa’s national democratic revolution), in Kontur - Tidsskrift for Kulturstudier, University of Aarhus, 2009 (peer reviewed).

7) Web-article in high school educational material in Danish, "From before Zimbabwe was named Rhodesia", Operation Days Work, Copenhagen, 2009.


* “History in the new South Africa”, introduction chapter in History Making and Present Day Politics. The Meaning of Collective Memory in South Africa, Edited by Hans Erik Stolten, The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, 2007, (376 pages) pp. 5-51 (peer reviewed).


”Et delt land i en delt verden” (A divided country in a divided world), introduction by Gorm Gunnarsen, Patrick Mac Manus, Morten Nielsen, and Hans Erik Stolten, in For enden af regnbuen? Social identitet og velfærd i det nye Sydafrika (At the end of the rainbow? Social identity and welfare in the new South Africa), edited by Gunnarsen, Mac Manus, Nielsen, and Stolten, Southern Africa Contact, Copenhagen, 2007 (edited Book in Danish (204 pages) with a full web-version in English at www.Sydafrika.dk).


“Cape Town – Mother City”, article for third world magazine, WOZA, No. 1, 2007.


“Afrikas økonomiske supermagt – Sydafrika i dominansrollen” (SA as economic super power in Africa), article for the third world magazine WOZA, No. 7, 2006.


“Økonomisk politik og sociale forhold i det nye Sydafrika” (Economic policy and social relations in SA), chapter in The winner takes it all? - Om Sydafrika, økonomisk vækst og ulighed, high school educational material in Danish, Operation Dagsværk, Copenhagen, August 2006.


Review in African Affairs, Vol. 104, No. 416, pp. 540-541, July 2005 (Donovan Williams, A History of Fort Hare, South Africa - The 1950s: the Waiting Years) (peer reviewed).


Book review in Canadian Journal of African Studies, Vol. 39, No. 1, 2005 (Carol Summers, Colonial Lessons: Africans' Education in Southern Rhodesia, 1918-1940) (peer reviewed).


* Review Article (8 pages) for the worldwide internet-based network for Africanists, H-SAfrica, “Danish Anti-Apartheid History”, May 2005 (Christopher Munthe Morgenstierne. Denmark and National Liberation in Southern Africa: A Flexible Response) (peer reviewed).


* Article, “History writing and history education in post-apartheid South Africa”, in Disseminating and Using Research Results from the South, Report no. 3. 2004, Edited by Greta Bjørk Gudmundsdottir, Institute for Educational Research, University of Oslo (peer reviewed).


* Chapter in Danish, “Om solidaritetens historie”, in Kathrine Toftkær Larney, Patrick Mac Manus, Gorm Gunnarsen og Morten Nielsen (red.), Aktivister mod Apartheid - Dansk Solidaritet med Sydafrika, Copenhagen: South Africa Contact, 2004.


“Trade Unions and Welfare under a Liberal Government. A Danish Viewpoint”, UnionBeat, Vol. 2, No. 1, APSA, University of South Africa, Pretoria, May-June 2003.


Article “Historical Research in South Africa” in NAI’s journal NEWS, No. 1, January 2000.


* “Radical Historiography as Academic Protest”, Publications On English Themes (POET), Journal of the English Institute, University of Copenhagen, Vol. 26, 1997, pp. 131-164 (peer reviewed).


* “Academic Apartheid and Progressive Response”, Publications On English Themes (POET), Journal of the English Institute, University of Copenhagen, Vol. 26, 1997, pp. 60-71 (peer reviewed).


Country descriptions, articles and biographies to the Great Danish National Encyclopaedia (Det Danske Nationalleksikon) from 1995 to 2002 (peer reviewed).


Editorial staff, translation, and "Introduction", Conference report Peace and Development in Southern Africa (Christiansborg parliament buildings, May 1995), published by AIF.


Research, articles, translation and proofreading on the periodical, i'Afrika, supported by Danida 1995-96.


Articles in the magazine, Skub, January 1994 and august 1995, on South African historiography and Danish industry and trade relations to South Africa.


* Ph.D. dissertation in Danish, “Diskussionen om Sydafrika. En analyse af forskningsdebatten om apartheid med særlig henblik på paradigmestriden mellem liberale og radikale historikere", University of Copenhagen, 1994, 350 pages.


Article in the research periodical 1066, Vol. 22, Jan. 1992, “The History about South Africa: a historiographical glimpse”.


Notifications dealing with books on workers movements in third world countries in the periodical Arbejderhistorie (Workers History) published by the SFAH (Society for Research in Workers History), 1988.


Editor and co-author on the book, Sydafrikas vej (South Africa's path), Komm.S., Cph., 1988, ISBN-87-981221-8-5, 142 pages.


Part of MA thesis published in popular book form in 1987 as Arbejdernes skjold (Shield of the Workers: apartheid and class struggle in South Africa from 1900 to 1960), Komm.S., Cph., ISBN-87-981221-6-9, 142 pages.


Articles in theoretical student journal, Spartacus, and in the journal of the Danish anti-apartheid movement, Amandla.


Articles in Kritiske Historikere (Critical Historians) and other magazines around Institute of History, University of Copenhagen.


Co-author on book, Det fredssyge Danmark (Denmark, longing for peace), Cph. 1982, ISBN 87-981221-2-6, 159 pages.

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