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A selection of unprinted conference and seminar papers, some of which are later published as articles.
Here, you will also find some of the interviews, I have given to newspapers, radio and TV-channels, together with a small selection of articles published in the Danish National Encyclopaedia.
You will probably need Adobe Flash Player to view some of the video interviews.
For shorter debating interview notes etc. visit my WordPress blog.

List of papers

i Paper for Northeast Workshop on Southern Africa, Burlington, Vermont. Nordic Construction of International Solidarity History – A Danish Critique

iSeminar speech paper for University of …vora seminar. Nordic Solidarity with South Africa. New Insights on Social Movements and Governments

i Paper on the intellectuals and the struggle for equality presented at Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism, University of Copenhagen

iSeminar lecture in Danish: Forelæsning ved Dansk Historieseminar på KUA om ideologiske og pragmatiske historieopfattelsers signifikans under og efter apartheid

iLecture in Danish: Seminar i Arbejderhistorisk Cirkel ved Saxo-Instituttet, KÝbenhavns Universitet Amager, Fagforeningernes rolle i solidaritetsarbejdet

i Panelist input, CAS, Anti-apartheid Archives and the Use of History in Democratic Transition

Paper on Nordic solidarity history for Durban conference

i Video interview to African Activist Archive by Michigan State University (external video link)

i Interview to magazine WOZA No. 6 on book launch in Danish (pdf-format)

i Interview to Kristeligt Dagblad (Christian Daily Newspaper) (pdf-format)

i Interview to Kristeligt Dagblad (Christian Daily Newspaper), (pdf-format)

i Paper on capitalism and apartheid from own NAI/CAS conference

i Interview to Danish newspaper, Aktuelt (pdf-format)

i Interview to Danish newspaper, Weekendavisen (pdf-format)


i Research dissemination in media, list

i Interview to Kristeligt Dagblad (Christian Daily Newspaper) on South African 2021-protests

i Interview in Danish to Radio24syv on American involvement in the arrest of Nelson Mandela in 1962

i Discussant notes for Africa seminar: The Idea of Apartheid with Professor Saul Dubow, University of London, at CAS, Copenhagen.

i Paper on the Nordic support to South Africa during and after apartheid prepared for the conference, Africa in World Politics, at the University of Texas, Austin

i Mandela-obituaries in Danish for NGO Africa Contact and newspaper Arbejderen

i Interview to Kristeligt Dagblad (Christian Daily Newspaper) on Mandela (pdf-format)

i Interview to Danish TV2 News (Flash video)

i Interview to Danish Newspaper Politiken (pdf)

Paper on historians in the new South Africa for SOAS conference, University of London

i Paper on colonial historiography for The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural university, Cph.

Expectations in South Africa's past and present, paper for DIIS/CAS-Conference

Paper on history and mentality in South Africa for Cape Town / Stellenbosch conference

Paper on South African history writing before 1994 presented at Moscow conference

Note on NAI - Danish research relations for joint meeting at CAS

SDE-article on South African history in Danish

SDE-article on in Danish on poor whites



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