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Most important papers for conferences, guest lectures, meetings, etc.
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ü1 Paper for Northeast Workshop on Southern Africa 2020. Scheduled to be held Oct. 7-11 in Burlington, Vermont, but changed to a Zoom online seminar due to Covid-19 pandemic.


Seminar speech paper for University of Évora seminar. Nordic Solidarity with South Africa. New Insights on Social Movements and Governments, October 2016.


Discussant notes for Africa seminar: The Idea of Apartheid. By Professor Saul Dubow, University of London, at CAS, Copenhagen, 26 February 2015.

ü Speaker at BRICS-seminar at the International People’s College in Elsinore "From Apartheid to Reconciliation", 3 November 2012.


Presentation in seminar series held by Arbejderhistorisk Cirkel at the Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen Amager, "Solidaritetsarbejde i forhold til Sydafrika, herunder fagforeningernes rolle" (International Solidarity Work by the Danish Trade Unions), 12 April 2011.


Conference paper, "Nordic support to South Africa during and after apartheid: how the history of solidarity was created and used by NGOs and governments", The University of Texas Africa Conference, Austin, March 25-27, 2011.


Paper on "History and Ideology in South Africa - the Intellectuals and the Struggle for Equality" presented at Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism, University of Copenhagen, 11 February 2011.


Panellist input and organising of seminar at CAS, University of Copenhagen, Sources of Freedom Struggle - Anti-apartheid Archives and the Use of History in Democratic Transition, 12 May 2009.


Lecture on ”Den demokratiske revolution og de intellektuelle: Ideologiske og pragmatiske historieopfattelsers signifikans under og efter apartheid” (on the significance of ideological and pragmatic history-views during and after apartheid) at Danish History Seminar 2009, 13 March 2009.


Presentation at a book launch at DIIS, Copenhagen, 14 November 2006.


Talk on “How to write the history of South Africa” at a meeting arranged by the English Speaking Union at the South African Embassy residence in Copenhagen 6 October 2005.


Paper for AAM Conference, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 10-13 October 2004, “Competition and cooperation in the use of solidarity history: The case of Nordic support to South Africa”.


Paper for conference, SOAS/ICS, University of London, 10-12 September 2004, “Historians in the New South Africa: Exposing Conflicts or Promoting Reconciliation”.


Paper, “The unique and the universal in South Africa's development: conventional, radical, and grassroots expectations in past and present” for the conference South Africa Ten Years After on 24 May 2004, at the Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen.


Paper for NETREED-conference in Lillehammer, Norway, December 2003, “History writing and history education in post-apartheid South Africa”.


Paper for NAI’s Africa Days October 2003, “The Role of Historians in the New South Africa. Exposing Conflicts and Social Differences or Promoting Reconciliation and National Unity”.


Presentation at South Africa Contact seminar meeting 0ctober 2003, “Who is Writing History in the New South Africa and Why?”


Own conference as concluding activity for my research programme at NAI in cooperation with Centre of African Studies in Copenhagen August 2002 under the heading, Collective Memory and Present day Politics in South Africa and the Nordic Countries, with more than 50 researchers participating. Two edited works from this conference forthcoming. Own conference Paper: “The discussion of the relationship between capitalism and apartheid: elaborations over Lipton’s position”.


Chair at seminar EACLALS 2002, European Association for Commonwealth Language and Literature Studies, Triennial Conference, University of Copenhagen, 21 – 27 March 2002.


Paper for the 9th Conference of Africanists Africa in the Context of North-South Relations in Moscow, 21-23 May, 2002, “The discussion about South Africa: the research debate on apartheid until 1994”.


Organiser and chair for several NAI Research Forums and Public Lectures 1999-2002.


National Conference on Values, Education and Democracy, Kirstenbosh, Cape Town, South Africa 22/2-01.


Organiser and paper, NAI Africa Days 2001 “History, Mentality and Nationbuilding in South Africa”.


Key speaker, Conference on History for Democracy in Cape Town 23/2 – 1/3 2000, Slave Lodge, South African Cultural History Museum. “History, Mentality and Nation Building in Denmark and South Africa”.


American Anthropological Association 99th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 19/11-2000.


Seminar lecture at NAI 30/5-1999, “Use and Misuse of History in the Creation of Identity in South Africa”.


Lecture at Economicum, Uppsala University, November 1999, “The Social and Economical Situation in South Africa during Transformation”.


Lecture at Krogerup Folk High School August 1999, “The History of South Africa in Overview”.


Lecture at the Student Congregation University of Copenhagen, September 1996, Country of upheavals, “The Contended past of South Africa”.


Paper on Higher Education in Africa at NAI’s Africa Days in Uppsala, 19/9-1997.


Paper delivered at Den Kgl. Veterinær- og Landbohøjskole (Faculty of Life Sciences), Centre for Tropical Forestry 15/1 1997, “Divergent views on African colonial history”.


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