Please help me solve these computer problems:

? Any good ideas to make my pages look less altmodisch?

? In Windows 10, on one of my PCs, FileMaker pro 11 Instant Web Publishing will not work because "Filemaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing....", even if no other server program is running. What can be done?

? How do I make vertical (and not horisontal) cell borders in my html-format static datatables exported from FileMaker?
In Dreamweaver webdesign; how do I keep table borders, while eliminating cell borders? Why does cell borders with width = 0 show in Safari? How do I get a static/stable background, while upper layers flow during scrolling? Are frames and tables really outdated in webdesign? I still kind of like them!

? Which ready-made CMS solution should I use as starting point for this kind of academic knowledge dissemination? Php-Apache-MySQL? Asp?

? Can anybody recommend a format for ebook creation with flipping pages or maybe an Acrobat, Indesign, or other Adobe CS6 add-in or book-like template. (I have used Indesign to make flash, but it is at the same time too complicated and results too simplistic, I think).

? I am looking for a free download (localhost) e-learning program or video-conference program a la Macromedia Breeze or OLAT, for presentation/offering of a full lecture over the Internet from my private PC/server. Any recommendations?

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