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Selected PowerPoint seminar presentations

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Themes and methodologies in South African Studies (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

Literature search African Studies (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

i Internet resources (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

Chronological models (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

Colonial expansion in South Africa (pp-presentation in pdf-format, large file)

Segregation and liberal views (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

Apartheid and radical views (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

Histories of resistance (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

South African macroeconomics (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

The social situation in South Africa (pp-presentation in pdf-format, large file)

Distribution models in the new South Africa (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

Developments in civil society (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

Nordic solidarity during apartheid (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

Foreign and Nordic transitional aid to South Africa (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

South African foreign policy (pp-presentation in pdf-format)

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