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Papers from the NAI/CAS conference on South African history
in Copenhagen 2002
Papers on historiographical subjects

Unfortunately, many of the papers produced in connection with the conference could not be published in book form, because of the concept of the publications.
Here you will find a collection of some of the unpublished papers (some of them will probably be published in other books). For those papers selected for publication, look under Book Manuscripts.

Vladimir Shubin's paper on the historiography of the ANC

Yonah Seleti's paper on history education in SA schools

June Bam's paper on the development of the school history curriculum

Giulia Ray's paper on post-apartheid use of history education

Marietjie Oelofse and Derek du Bruyn's paper on the need for oral history

Ann Langwadt's paper on history and the TRC

Jeppe Strandsbjerg's paper on criticism and knowledge production

Cecilie Jacobsen's paper on contested domination and spousal witchcraft accusations

Tina Hamrin-Dahl's paper on witch accusations, rapes, and the use of myths

i Stolten's paper on Lipton's work

i Stolten's first draft of the anthology introduction with comments on the papers

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