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This website contains a range of manuscripts, articles, databases, teaching notes etc. mainly dealing with South African history and social science. The content represents a selection of my research during recent years at the Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen, at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, and as independent, externally funded researcher.
The content on these pages reflects my personal approach to a variety of research interests. They reflect a mixture of academic ambitions and personal efforts. The main focus is on South African historiography. I hope that these resources will be useful to colleagues, students, and friends.
The web-site was optimized for Internet Explorer. Due to my preference for old-fashioned frames and tables, it may be an idea to use the compatibility view. Firefox may display unwanted cell-borders, and Safari could also show some faults. Some browsers may not be able to show all PP-presentations, Flash, or PDF-files. This website is not optimised for small tablets or smart-phones.

i Stolten's newsdesk:
News relevant for African Studies, History, or Development Research. These include press news, conference announcements, announcements of grants, publishing possibilities, etc.

i Contact information:
How to get in touch with me.

i Personal Data:
This page links to personal information for use in connection with applications, funding, donors, networking etc. It provides links to my profiles on the Internet, networks, curriculum vitae, qualifications profile, diplomas, some letters of introduction etc. Some oif the documents will require a password for access.

i Stolten's Africa Links:
A structured list of more than 1000 links, most of them relevant for African Studies. Libraries, institutes, research centres, archives, education and teaching institutes, journals, media, funding, and documentation.
Use the Edit | find on this page - function in your browser to search in this html-document for: Research Funding, Events, Development Research, Booksellers, Danish Libraries, Media, etc. Some links to online television etc. will require Real Player or other video add-ins.

i Research Projects:
Outlines, synopses, drafts, and concepts for present and future research.
Some documents may require a password to open.

i Works and Books:
A selection of of my work, already released. Links to articles and chapters from published books, cover pages and contents, etc. You will need Adobe Acrobat/Reader to read certain documents.

i Papers and Articles:
A selection of conference and seminar papers, some of which are published as articles or on the Internet. Here you will also find some interviews and media appearances. This page also links to a small selection of the articles I have published in the Danish National Encyclopaedia.

i Book Manuscripts:
From this page you can follow ongoing work on book manuscripts and articles; you can read unpublished appendices, pilot projects, and surveys; You can read published reviews of my books brought in peer reviewed journals; you can, through a blog-like function, access peer-reviews together with my responce, and you can comment on my work. A number of books and article manuscripts are placed here. One is a monograph manuscript on the history of South African history writing. Another manuscript is intended for an anthology on Nordic solidarity history with articles describing the anti-apartheid traditions of the Nordic countries and the Nordic support for Southern Africa. Of copyright reasons, some of these documents will require a password for access.

i Teaching Notes:
This page leads to suggestions for background reading for different series of courses and seminars. It contains PowerPoint presentations that can be used for preparation of participation in my public lectures, etc. It also holds teaching plans for a previous course at the Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen. Lists over lessons, syllabus, compendium literature, and supplementary texts for the course etc. serve as a teaching example. Some theoretical, methodological, and didactic tools can also be found here.
Students will be able to download course literature in full-text via a function on this webpage.


i Databases, Queries:
Most of my personal research databases were built in FileMaker. When my home PC functions as a server, you will be able to access some of my data-tables online through FileMaker Instant Web Publishing. Sometimes, however, it will only be possible to access a few static searches selected after subject. In due course the following databases and more will be constantly accessible on the web:
LitSA: This database is my main research database. It contains more than 6500 partly annotated references dealing with South African history and historiography, development research, literature on Africa, study technique etc.
LitProf: References to non-fiction general literature on history, politics, economics etc. ContAcad: List containing contact information on than 1600 academic institutions / individuals relevant for research in South African history and social science. Password restricted.
ResWords: Research vocabulary. Philosophical concepts, theories and scholarly expressions are explained.
Chronological list of events in South African history including race legislation.
ResFund: Database containing information on scholarships, grants and other research funding.

SAshort: List of abbreviations for organisations, political parties, institutions etc.
SAwords: Explanations of words, concepts etc. peculiar for Southern Africa, development etc.
Some of the datatables will require user name and password. Some will serve as blogs in the sence that they will be open for direct online commenting. Some will be in Danish.

i Travels, Conferences:
A selection of travel reports with experiences, photos, travel routes and contacts from Europe, USA and Africa. Also photos from book launch events etc.

i History Conference:
Contains programme, report, and photos from my NAI project's final conference on South African history writing. Here you will find a collection of unpublished papers from the conference. Some of my books and articles refer to these papers. You will need Adobe Acrobat/Reader to read certain documents.

i Various, Photos:
This page contains links to various kinds of information, including materials not necessarily relevant for African Studies. A photo presentation of activities during my stay at NAI can be found here. Access to various levels might require different passwords. You may need Adobe Reader or Microsoft PowerPoint to enjoy some of the photo series.

i Other Objects:
External and older webpages related to my research. Also links to different tools and techniques, some of it not particularly relevant for African Studies. Empty database structures, programmes for download etc. will be put there.


i Jakobsgaard Research:
This choice will lead you to an independent website related to my consultancy activities.

I hope that some of this will be useful to readers. Feel free to contact me, if you have questions to the content or to the use of the documents.

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