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The purpose of this page is to ease the discussion of a range of manuscripts, which I have worked on in one capacity or another, as author, co-author, editor, co-editor, or similar. Some of the manuscripts are already published, others are in the pipeline.

From this front page, you can link to e-books, reviews, and articles with free access.
You can read unpublished appendices, pilot projects, surveys, etc. made in connection with projects.
With a password, you can follow ongoing work on book manuscripts and articles in the making.
You can read my contributions to published, copyrighted books (also password protected).
You can read published reviews of my books brought in peer reviewed journals.
You can, through a blog-like function, access partly confidential peer-reviews of my work and my debating response to publishing houses and journals - and you can comment on this and on my work in general.

From the underlying, restricted webpage, you can also read:

  • Some draft articles on the anti-apartheid tradition of the Nordic countries.
  • A monograph manuscript on the history of South African history writing. This is my most comprehensive ongoing research project.
  • A book manuscript in Danish on the same theme also undergoing work.
  • Some article drafts and submitted versions, not yet approved, together with peer-review discussions.
  • The manuscript for a book about post-apartheid South Africa in Danish will be added soon.
  • My contributions to an edited book with articles dealing with developments in South African historiography after 1994. Most papers originate from my NAI project conference. This manuscript has been published as copyrighted book.
  • Contributions for a book manuscript that is being compiled for an anthology on Nordic history of solidarity with articles describing the anti-apartheid traditions of the Nordic countries and the Nordic support for Southern Africa. Work on this book is paused.

Mainly because of copyright reasons, some of these documents will require a password for access. If you need to read them, try to e-mail me for the proper password.

i Lager Manuscripts in e-book form with free access

i Original/full manuscripts for published articles

iPublished reviews of my books brought in peer reviewed journals with open access

i Unpublished appendices, surveys enclosures etc. supplementary to manuscripts and publications


Password protected:

Monograph on South African history writing.

i Book manuscript in Danish on South African historiography.

Anthology on South African historiography.

Anthology on Nordic solidarity history.

i Articles and review proposals on
anti-apartheid solidarity.


i Reviews of my work in copyright-protected, peer reviewed journals.

iBlog, discussing manuscripts, publishing, and Southern African issues in general.


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